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Professional monitoring & intervention

Vigilant Security Services (VSS) is a WV licensed private security firm that has been providing security services in the US and internationally since 2005. We provide these services to individuals, executives, corporations and more.

Technical Surveillance Detection

Protecting the company's private business information is one of a security manager's over riding concerns. However, training, education, and other physical/cyber security measure generally only provide preventative protection.

Vigilant Security International of Vigilant Security Services (VSS) is a US-Romanian joint venture focused on providing high-class security services for US companies and individuals established in Romania, as well as for Romanian and other foreign clients.

The company combines the strong experience of US individuals active inthe security industry of different international combat theaters with knowledge of Romanian business characteristics and market information.
VSI utilizes highly trained former military special operations, intelligence, and law enforcement personnel as well as professional private security and investigative personnel to effectively provide the services that you require.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical Infrastructure Protection, incorporating all aspects of managing and performing infrastructure security on a day-to-day basis, addressing multidimensional security challenges with a global perspective on threats and ways to thwart and defend against them. The company operates with respect for the seriousness of the mission and the sensitivities of the client.

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