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With over six decades of travel experience within VSI Security Security we pride ourselves on our ability to educate and prepare customers to meet their travel safety and security needs. At the request of customers, we can provide travel security professionals to accompany personnel and assist in the coordination of all aspects of their safety when traveling overseas.

Online training and information services have been designed to ensure individuals, and company employees are better prepared prior to the journey and the employer is better prepared to assist them while they are traveling.

Key benefits include:

These benefits allow our clients to provide a proactive and managed Travel Risk Management process which is fully optimized and integrated throughout the organization.

E- Learning - VSI Security Security can now deliver the same standard of travel safety education designed to reduce your exposure to specific travel risks through a unique groundbreaking e-learning course. The e-learning course along with integrated support and 24/7 monitoring can provide today's traveler with a complete 'global' travel safety solution.

Areas covered in the e-learning course:

'Personal Security Protocols' - How to manage personal security protocols to help reduce risk of exposure to violence based around the simple acronym SAFER: Situational awareness, Avoid routine, Follow security protocols, Ensure reliable communications, Remain anonymous.

'Preparation & Arrival' - Aids in planning ahead for travel specifically to manage potential complications including: events prior to departure, required documentation, luggage issues, in-flight tips, and arrival at destination.

'Travel Health Risks' - Topics covered include: Pre-travel consultation, destination health issue awareness, pre-dental checks, information on mosquitoes and other threats, exposure to the sun, HIV and Aids, personal medical kits.

'Getting Around Your Destination' - Topics covered include: In the hotel, taxis and minicabs, rental cars, driving and the law, parking, on foot, women and travel safety.

'Street Crime & Robbery' - Addresses general street crime scenarios such as: Areas likely to be targeted by criminals, spatial awareness, "robbery wallets", hostile negotiations, incident reporting procedures.

'Terrorism & Civil Unrest' - Addresses Al Qaida and other related terrorist groups ability and willingness to carry our indiscriminate terrorist attacks. Topics covered include: high risk target recognition, personal response measures, hotel/building procedures.

Kidnap and Ransom - In many regions of the world, kidnapping is a growing threat. Corporate executives, Humanitarian volunteers, Expatriate workers and their families have all become potential targets for criminals, guerrilla forces and dissidents. Incidents of kidnapping are on the rise, particularly with the knowledge that many of those travelling to nigh risk areas will have some form of insurance to cover kidnap and ransom expenses.

Insurance is an important element to dealing with a kidnap incident but it does little to proactively prevent it from happening. If a company knowingly sends personnel in to a potentially dangerous area then it is important that they provide appropriate training and create contingency plans in order to minimize the risks. VSI Security Security will work with you or your organization to address the threat of kidnapping and properly train those at risk.

Handling a major crisis such as kidnap or illegal detention requires prompt, professional and timely response. VSI Security's Team has extensive experience of kidnap for Ransom (K&R) cases and maintains personnel on a minimum 'notice to move' who are ready to deploy anywhere in the world within 24 hours of being notified.

Our consultants act exclusively as advisors to customers, assisting them in making critical and timely decisions. We can also provide additional support to the victim's family.

VSI Security does not act as an exclusive responder to an insurance company and as such can provide priority crisis response to all customers.


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