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Most multinational companies and 'at risk' individuals as well as their families today are looking for an effective and viable 'real time' tracking and monitoring solution that is flexible and meets the needs of scheduled international travel, as well as the occasional or infrequent business or family trip overseas.

VSI Security Security provides a number of options that offer increased safety, security and operational effectiveness while at the same time encompassing all the benefits a monitoring and real-time tracking system has to offer. VSI Security's Travel & Emergency Monitoring System or TEMS can further enhance the situational awareness and safety of personnel traveling overseas.

Due to the unpredictable nature of security incidents and unforeseen risk events it is important to ensure that the system be flexible and scalable to meet the various needs of a customer while at the same time remaining cost effective and delivering competitor advantage. The VSI Security solution does both.

During a security incident or in response to an increase in threat, clear advantages can be gained and critical safety decisions made by having all the available information at hand in a single common operational picture.

Under certain agreed circumstances or when a customer feels it necessary VSI Security Security can provide 24/7 monitoring and management of the tracking system in order to update and advise the customer as needed to ensure the safety of traveling personnel.

Travel & Emergency Monitoring Service (TEMS):

Travel & Emergency Monitoring Service or TEMS is a unique and specialized support package that provides pro-active security and risk management support to your organization or company as well as your international travelers and expatriates.

This service can be customized specifically to work for you and how your organization operates. Through a dedicated 24/7 line to our Global Emergency Operations Center (EOC), you get immediate access to experienced consultants who are fully briefed on your organization's structure, operations and security policy and procedures.

This service offers a number of key benefits, including:

TEMS Membership Program

Membership levels provide you with different access to information, advice and assistance 24 hours a day as well as access to managed emergency evacuation support or assistance. A program of support can be established for a shorter-term duration that still provides excellent support for travelers, expatriates and managers knowing that the day-to-day responsibility for travel safety have been addressed.

The key components to the service include:

* If required and requested

Medical & Security Evacuation Support

Through a partnership with an industry leading medical evacuation company, we provide clients with fully integrated medical & security evacuation and repatriation services, both worldwide and domestically.

Our solution allows clients to choose if they want to continue their hospital care at their home hospital, or any other hospital of their choice, through a network of authorized affiliates. This solution means there are no additional costs to worry about and no limits on total medical evacuation expenses.

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