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Travel Security Asset Protections

VSI Security Security can provide you with complete Executive Close Protection solutions to ensure the safety of your staff and executives. We will work with you to fully assess the threat and recommend the most appropriate level of security to mitigate the risks.

VSI Security's Security Risk Advisors (SRA) are primarily drawn from the UK & US Special Forces, where they bring the benefit of their extraordinary skills and international experience to the individuals and companies we work with. Often working in conjunction with local teams, they advise customers on all security matters, travels plans and mitigate risk on a day-to-day basis. All of VSI Security's SRA's have extensive experience in a vast number of high risk environments including Iraq, Africa, South and Central Asia, Latin America, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

VSI Security's Emergency Response Team (ERT) draws on years of practical real-world experience acquired in both the military Special Forces and emergency settings throughout the globe. Our emergency response team maintains an ongoing level of surveillance of developing emergent situations so that it is ready to deploy at minimum notice in support of customers.

The Emergency Response personnel will often deploy to consult and manage the organization and set up an emergency response and logistical functions on behalf or in support of customers. All deployments are managed in the country of operation by the ERT Team Leader or Country Manager which is also supported by VSI Security Security's 24/7 Operational staff. This allows for maximum flexibility and critical decision making ability where and when it counts.

As members of the ERT, the logistics team is responsible for effectively managing local support staff, vehicles, assets and the security of the supply chain, ensuring effective and sustainable support to customer operations and VSI Security's own emergency response efforts in the country of operation.


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