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VSI Security is keenly aware that negative information posted on the World Wide Web can have devastating personal and financial implications to an individual or a business.

Speaking to the individual, HR departments typically Google prospective employees looking for embarrassing or damaging information which would then be used to terminate the hiring process. If a business has too many black marks against it on the internet it will definitely loose customers which translates directly to loss of income.

We specialize in two areas of online reputation management, reputation repair and reputation management. Reputation repair is onetime service which is aimed at displacing and suppressing deleterious information on the internet. We will typically search for negative information in blogs and forums, searching the web, online news stories, online videos, and social networks. Once identified the offending material is either buried or removed completely from the internet. In the case of business reputation repair we search for negative product reviews and bury them deeply on the web. Reputation Management begins with a repair but is a constant service delivered on a schedule and as needed to the customer.

VSI Security may also perform reverse SEO operations should a customer desire this particular service.


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