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Professionals in the field of Truth Verification know there is no such thing as a real "Lie Detector" - as lying is not associated with a single specific mental state.

Digital Voice Analysis (DVA) is a professional/security level emotion analyzer based on the L.V.A (Layered Voice Analysis) technology. It can give you an indication about the way the tested party feels while they speak, and warn you about possible issues that are worthy of your attention.

DVA is an advanced integrity and veracity testing platform that supports both automated computerized testing, as well as agent assisted over-the-phone analysis of scripted protocols. It is based on proprietary voice analysis technology, as well as comprehensive security and truth assessment techniques. This technology negates the need to attach multiple leads to the person being tested as well as the need for a yes or no answer allowing the investigator more freedom to ascertain areas in which to focus the investigation.

LVA-I (a shorter computerized version of the DVA technology using carefully crafted questionnaires) measures the emotional content and/or the integrity risk potential of a person being tested in various topics, allowing the tested parties to express themselves freely using a natural speaking form in the language they are most comfortable with as they answer the computer based test.


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