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FBI Director Robert Mueller has said, "We live in a wired world...but our reliance on these networks also makes us vulnerable. Criminals can use the Internet to commit fraud and theft on a grand scale and to prey upon our children. Spies and terrorists can exploit our networks to steal our secrets, attack our critical infrastructure, and threaten our national security. And because the web offers near-total anonymity, it is difficult to discern the identity, the motives, and the location of an intruder."

According to the latest report by the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, cyber-attacks cost the government and businesses millions of dollars in losses each year.

VSI Security bases its reputation on being able to sort through the complexities of protecting your company's computer architecture and networks. Even with the cyber criminal's skills being at an all-time high, we have a proven track record of success and our experts and advanced technology make us a global leader in cyber protection.

Spanning the distance from network monitoring/security and encryption, network penetration testing, software security testing, to endpoint and gateway security our robust cyber security offering can provide your IT professionals safety and peace of mind when your network is attacked.

VSI Security security provides state of the art proprietary antivirus, malware, and firewall software.


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