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The modern business environment depends upon cyber information in two major ways; protecting proprietary intelligence and obtaining competitive intelligence.

Protecting your company's proprietary information is money in the bank and by using VSI Security's advanced cyber security and information gathering technology, you can be assured of a rapidly delivered quality product. In many cases investigative costs may be reduced by up to 75% by reducing billed man hours while at the same time increasing the efficiency and scalability of the investigative efforts. Due diligence, fraud detection, and background investigations all play critical parts in this cyber protection effort.

Information for the due diligence is collect from the WWW, police records, Interpol watch lists, banking information, and information from known associates if necessary.

Cyber information gathering is a near real time capability which greatly increases a company's decision making capabilities in a rapidly changing business environment. VSI Security's state of the art tools enable a security manager to gather , analyze and act on near real time information to enhance their business position. We can supply information from remote networks, the World Wide Web, and social networking sites.


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