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Critical Infrastructure Protection Threat Assessments

A comprehensive security management program begins with a Threat and Vulnerability Assessment. After all, there is no way a small business, a corporation or government operation can begin to assess the risks they are facing without first determining what threats they are attempting to protect themselves from.

VSI Security and its organizational components are highly adept at conducting vulnerability assessments, security planning, and systems integration. Intrepid has extensive experience and training in the areas of target analysis, threat analysis, vulnerability analysis, and risk assessments as it concerns high-risk facilities. In order to effectively defeat the adversary one must think like an adversary. Because Intrepid's bench is lined with subject matter experts ranging from former C.I.A. and F.B.I. case officers to Special Operations, we contend that we have the know-how - technical, strategic, tactical, and academic - to realistically size-up an objective for targeting by an adversary.

VSI Security understands the terrorist planning cycle and criminal modalities, and can compare the probability of attack to the probability of interruption and the severity of the consequences. Our progression studies targets, adversary sabotage and theft paths, baseline protective systems, critical detection points, cumulative probability of detection, alarm and communications, to provide a timely response, or after-the fact recovery. Ultimately, in our final analysis, our total risk management package considers the viability of risk avoidance, reduction, spreading, transfer, and acceptance.

Our approach is grounded in a holistic approach that considers the correlation between the threat spectrum, potential targets, and relative risk culminating in an end-state with defense in depth comprised of synergistic and complimentary systems that yield high deterrence, detection, delay, and response values at the lowest cost and best value. Only after we assess the baseline security measures, compared to the threat spectrum, and determine the consequences will we formulate any cost benefit decisions in order to address the security concern.


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