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Our team is one of the most highly experienced and knowledgeable in the planning and execution of the NRC graded FOF Exercise triennial inspection since September 11, 2001. Our consultants have experience as licensee senior management or as contractor management of the composite adversary team (CAF) at nearly all of the sites in the U.S.

As licensee, we have never lost an exercise to the NRC. We established the original preparation guidance for the industry for FOF inspections which is now managed as a NEI guidance document for the nuclear industry.

We have established innovative programs/processes used by the Utilities Services Alliance (USA) for the security core peer team. This program has been referred to by the NRC NSIR as one of the most creative and innovative programs ever developed in the industry.

We have experience working as the Director of the CAF team, and have gained significant insights into identifying potential vulnerabilities that will be exploited by the NSIR inspection team. We also maintain the knowledge that licensees typically lack for understanding the rules of engagement for inspections and can support the site with having SMEs available during FOF inspections.


Provide Security consulting for ensuring plant compliance with regulatory requirements. Provide solutions for future threats to cyber assets or regulatory changes and will also provide the client with the needed "testing" to challenge the fidelity of its cyber security via "penetration testing".


VSI Security will provide our consultant(s) or SME for the client's assessment needs. Our consultants are knowledgeable of the industry's process for conducting assessments e.g. Focus area self-assessment (FASA) and will provide candid feedback on assessment insights to management.


VSI Security personnel have experience in providing the regulator with responses to security findings, even findings that have been issued "greater than green". VSI Security has either provided industry challenges or personally participated in developing and presenting responses to the regulator for significant security violations. VSI Security presentations have been given very high remarks by NSIR and its senior management personnel. In fact, one of its most recent clients received feedback from NSIR that the presentation material was so compelling that it required the NRC and NEI to revise guidance provided to the industry by the NRC and NEI.


VSI Security has tools and programs that are designed to address client's concerns with the evolving "insider threat". We have proven technology, along with program or process that will provide mitigation tools to the client that will identify/detect security risks working at your facility.


Because of the diverse backgrounds of the VSI Security consultants, we provide our clients access to the best SME to support their security department needs. VSI Security has access to the most experienced personnel in former government officials (including NRC), military, and technological solutions. By having access to that level of knowledge and experience, our clients can feel complete confidence in knowing they have the "best" resources available to support their needs.


VSI Security understands the NSRB process and can provide significant experience with assisting the NSRB committee member, or even participate as the member responsible for the oversight of the security program. VSI Security personnel have participated in many NSRB meetings for the past 15 years in the nuclear industry and strongly believe our consultants maintain the best experience in understanding the areas where NSRB needs to be focused and what areas require attention. We are committed to providing the client with the insights necessary for being predictive and proactive, based on the security program performance trends.


VSI Security maintains a partnership with ABS Consulting services. ABS has been a key provider of security engineering services for many years, and has provided the nuclear industry with many innovative solutions, as well as providing the industry with the requisite expertise in providing appropriate and cost effective solutions for security modifications.


VSI Security has established relationships with some of the most advanced and integral technology companies that currently provide technology solutions to the U.S. government, military, and critical infrastructures. We can assess our client's problems and provide solutions that will provide business efficiencies, improved security protection, or staffing efficiencies.


VSI Security can provide assets that will support development or improvement of your training programs to ensure its capabilities in meeting regulatory requirements or addressing gaps in performance.

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